Hailey Troock


I'm Hailey, thanks for getting to this point in my site's navigation!

The seed to start equalecomm was planted while I was working as a Support Specialist for Shopify, Canada's fastest growing ecommerce company. Over my two and a half years working there, I specialized in Spanish, developer and social media support. I have led multiple in-person workshops at festivals and conferences for entrepreneurs and participates in online communities.

Through having conversations of all kinds with thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world, from the local to the global, I have gotten to know the needs of both aspiring and successful businesses very intimately. I understand the Shopify platform and its integrations inside and out, but also have experience with other platforms popular and online software. 

Mitigating the potential for failure from the beginning by examining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (the so-called SWOT analysis) is important to the shelf-life of any business or project. Building your own business or ecommerce website shouldn't be the exception to this rule. I have the hands-on experience required to quickly identify and maneuver through the key obstacles to starting and scaling a business, project, campaign or event that is unique as the mind and body behind it.

Before jumping head first into ecommerce and business mentoring, I acquired a B.A. and M.Sc., worked in international affairs and bilateral negotiations, project management and administration, hospitality and entertainment. I have been working bilingually in different capacities for 15 years and for this reason can offer high-quality bilingual support to equalecomm's community. 

~ Much love!